Diana de Meuse

Diana de Meuse I have always marveled when a child is declared an “artistic genius” at four years old. It would have been so easy, but this, sadly, didn’t happen to me. I was still trying to stay within the lines like my teacher told me to do.

Most artists, myself included, work really hard to improve their skill base with knowledge and practice; studying art, taking classes, doing shows, trying new things. Endless searching, from without and within. For most of us, finding that voice as a fine artist can be a long journey indeed. And we are always, always learning. It has been an adventure, as life itself.

I was born to be creative. It’s in my blood, truly, as my Grandmother was an accomplished artist in the San Francisco Bay Area, my father, an entrepreneur, used his creativity to build a company, my mother, a skilled chef and baker; brothers, sisters, cousins, children….all very different individuals that express creativity every day of their lives in different ways.

Although I graduated with a business degree, I always took time to draw, paint, and discover new and different ways of looking at the world. My creativity compelled me to explore everything, try everything, never stop and never give up.

I’ve grown and learned so much during this artistic journey. About people, about life, about myself. If creative flow happens, and my painting reflects my vision, all of the effort to hold on to what I believe and trust about who I am, has been worthwhile. Ups and downs can be expected and perseverance is a must, but as long as I’m breathing and in good health, I will keep painting. For me, it means living.


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